Mt. Massive

S A T U R D A Y, 8/25/07

Oh baby, the climax.


Darren, Rich, and Marc, about to head up the trail to the peak.  I'm not scowling, I'm choking down my morning Clif bar, after being shamed by the brutal climbing pace of Supper Fly Jim.  It's 6:45 a.m.  (Adam)

I believe this is coming up the ridge, looking back to the west towards Elbert.  (Adam)

Getting water for Bubba  (Adam)

Jim adopting his more typically nature-loving pace (Adam)

Baldemar and I were the first ones to the peak, at 8:45 a.m.  There were basically no lengthy breaks, aside from a 10-minute change of clothes and scarfing of protein and carbs, once we got to the ridge.  This is looking back towards Massive South, as Steve approached.  (Darren)

Darren on Mount Massive summit  (Baldemar)

Everybody Loves a Summit: standing, L-R, Marc, Darren, Adam, Tim, Steve; squatting, L-R, Baldemar, Rich, Jim, Kenn, Bubba, Ned.  (Anonymous Forest Ranger)

Kenn and Bubba (Adam)

I earn my stripes as being dismissive of safety by charging to the peak under any meteorological circumstances.  Adam earns his by encouraging us to descend over the most treacherous terrain possible.  Here, things have smoothed out considerably, but we're all about to watch Rich attempt a descent over C4 into the wrong basin.  (Adam)

The End