Mt. Massive

S A T U R D A Y, 8/25/07

Wherein we leisurely make our way to and lounge about at high camp.

The treeline behind Jim (and I have rarely seen a cleaner demarcation thereof) is the unmarked path which Kenn and I blazed, after generally growing bored with the Class 1 Mt Massive Trail.  We led the group back this way the next day, and it allegedly saved a goodly amount of time. 

If you're reading this and wondering "How can I get in on some of this action"?, you need merely follow the second major creek that you cross up until you get to the valley, and start coming up through the border of the trees.  If you keep ascending, you'll eventually cross the trail.  We camped out across from the stand behind Jim.  (Marc)

Adam returning to camp from the stream below, with his Cryptosporidium-infested, iodized water.  He's the last holdout to not use a water pump, in keeping with his nickname, Caveman.  He has yet to get sick with either Crypto or upset stomach-- that we know of.  (Darren)

Stream next to camp.  (Darren)

Looking up towards the Massive ridge from camp.  These kinds of sparse stands were where we camped.  (Darren)

Looking down from camp towards Leadville.  (Marc)

There wasn't much to do in the afternoon but sunbathe.  But that's not a lot of fun if you don't have a large stream in which to, ahem, "cool off" (if freezing water can be termed thusly).  So, we mostly laid around on air mattresses and caught up on life.  (Darren)

Ned, Marc, Adam, and Rich, around the smoky campfire.  I would guess that this was the moment where Rich asked lobbyist Ned, "Are there any thoughts you have inside that are solely yours?"  Whatever it is, Adam clearly and sternly disapproves.  (Darren)

Adam and Rich (Darren)

Ned, Jim, and Kenn.  (Darren)

Me at the stream

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