T H E    R O A D

The drive out to CO naturally took place overnight.  From nightfall onward (west of Wichita Falls), as the towns began to thin out, we traveled through a huge electrical storm.  These were some of Jim's attempts to capture that by just leaving the shutter on my Nikon N65 open for protracted periods.


Brightness falls...

Dan in front of Ken's duplex in Alamosa.  We arrived around 7:00 a.m. and proceeded to crash for a few hours.

Once Ken made it back to Alamosa, we headed out.  This is in the tiny town at the foot of the hills we were to climb, a place called Crestone. 

Across from the 21st Amendment Liquor Store in Crestone.  While everyone else was inexplicably picking their poison inside, I hung out on its old-west front railing. 

I sat down next to the owner of this SUV (who kindly offered to move it for this photo).  He said he had moved there to take care of his son, dead in his 20s from congestive heart failure, likely brought on, he said, from abuse of performance enhancing drugs as a football player.  He came for that reason and never left.  He was drinking a beer with a man young enough to be another of his sons.

Jim selecting a choice Shiraz at the 21st Amendment.  Incidentally, very little of this alcohol was actually consumed, as I suspected would be the case. 

Ken, about to embark for low camp from the car.

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