Mt. Conundrum

H I G H   C A M P   H I K E

Getting to tree line on Conundrum Creek trail is quite long, but quite lovely.  I believe it was a nine mile hike, although much of it was reasonably flat, like what you see here-- at least for the first couple of hours.

Moving on.  Me, Ned, Marc.

Marc looking in studly good form.

About a mile up from where we eventually camped, there were a series of "hot" springs.  It's hard for anything to feel hot when the ambient air temperature is in the low 50s.  But hey, anything for a little skinny dipping at 12,000 feet. 

The tan fellow in the center of the pool facing the camera had some great stories, including directions for our climb on the morrow.  Unfortunately, this proved to be rather inconclusive when we finally got going...

High camp, waiting for the water to boil.  We are engaged in a discussion that's even more heated than the water (which took an hour to simmer) on what a single man should and should not do when visiting Amsterdam.  The two fellas with the long hair actually took a more conservative stance than the two with the shortest hair (Ned and me).

Kenn, finally feeling a little better.  He gets the trooper award on this climb for having been flat on his back with bronchitis for a week (I believe), just a week prior to the climb.

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