Mt. Conundrum

D O W N  /  H O M E

Taken from the top of Conundrum, looking back down at the Basin.  The red arrow shows approximately the spot at which we stopped to choose our peak.

When you get all the way up a peak, and then manage to handle the most dangerous part (down-climbing over boulder fields, and, in this case, more glissading than I've done since Mt. Yale), you're pretty emotionally drained.  Here, we stopped in the first green, flat prairie land since the peak climb began.  Kenn in fetal position...

...and me not talking to anyone.  I was pretty upset that day about not having done Castle-- a petty affair of the ego that I've since relinquished.

Back at camp.  I took/posted this shot specifically for Ned's most excellent hair...


...and me.

Packing up the next day.  As you can see, Ned has a rather large... *ahem* set of tent poles.

Loaded up and ready to come back to civilization.

Back to Aspen; Little Annie's, where we had our first civilized meal.  In return for them serving us (despite the fact that our table reeked of campfire smoke and BO), we agreed to give them this little bit of free publicity.

T H E   E N D