THE CAST: The friends who went

Adam is one of my oldest and very dearest friends.  We have known each other since junior high (1984).  I climbed my first mountain that year, and he joined me the year after.  We have a long and rich history together, including, not least, the fact that we've played music together for as long as we've known each other.

Kenn has long been a resident of these here parts (Alamosa, 30 mins from the base of Blanca), and Adam and I have always stopped in after our expeditions to say hello.  This year he elected to join us.  Though he has only been climbing now for eight years, he does it for a living; plus, he had done Blanca once before.

Marc and Adam are both mental health professionals, and came to know each other through work.  This was his maiden voyage into the mountains.

Ned and Rich(ard) are Adam's college roommates.  They come complete with a hilarious lore of basically having lived "Animal House" without having been members of a fraternity.  This was Ned's first trip; Rich's second. 

Ringo is an Alaskan Malamute who (mostly) led the way up the manifold trails we took.  He is one of Kenn's constant companions in his work.

And yours truly.  As ever, winner of the award for best-dressed mountaineer. 

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